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Bike Cases at Airport231 veces vistaJohn is calling our friend Ryoko to come pick us up at the airiport. The bike cases were huge.
Ready to Hit the road127 veces vistaThe bikes are loaded and we are ready to head out of Amsterdam.
Our first wind mill117 veces vistaI had problems with my cleats..so we decided to stop in front of this wind mill, for a break and to repair my shoe.
Camp Site near Doorn124 veces vistaThis was our first campsite, southeast of Utrecht...there was nobody there to collect our money, so we got to stay for free. Plus there was no noisy Germans to keep us awake.
Loaded up and on the road again (Action shot)117 veces vistaWe only had to sets of riding clothes, so we washed one and wore the other. Unfortunately the clothes never dried by morning so we had to tie them to the bags to dry.
Church at Amerongen171 veces vistaWe were about to take a ferry over the old Rhine for the first time...when we discovered this pretty church steeple.
Don't fall into the river182 veces vistaAs we approached the river ferry, we noticed the very cool sign. Make sure not to drive your car into the river.
St. Hubertas Hunting Lodge221 veces vistaThe hunting lodge of St. Hubertas was in De Hoge Veluwe National Park. It is also the largest National park in the Netherlands. They also have the Kroller-Muller Museum which has the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings...even more than the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. We unfortunately didn't realize this until later and thus just rode by it. The dutch really know how to enjoy a National Park...they have bikes at all of the entrances. Nobody drives through the national park...imagine that!
John biking through the park (action shot)215 veces vistaAnother picture in De Hoge Veluwe National Park, with John (my housemate from Portland) on his bike.
Dutch Pancakes124 veces vistaMmmm...after riding all morning, nothing hits the spot better than the BRUTUS (a Dutch pancake with bacon, red pepers, onions, the works)
Our buddy Moppel120 veces vistaWe stayed at a dutch campsite that had only German campers...go figure. Our neighbor, Moppel (that was his nickname which means "gordito" in German) invited us over for some beers that evening.
Jim Beam71 veces vistaAlthough Moppel was not very fond of our president (I don't think I met anyone in Europe who was), he had quite an affinity for drinking Jim Beam. Plus he got this great Semi truck toy with his purchase.
Crossing the Rhine59 veces vistaWe crossed the true Rhine at Emmerich, Germany.
John biking through Kleve65 veces vistaA very nice and old German town near the Rhine river. John and I biked through looking for some pastries to eat for breakfast.
Kleve from a distance69 veces vistaAs we were riding out of Kleve, we saw this gorgeous view.
Kalkar plaza51 veces vistaThe next town after Kleve was another precious little town named Kalar. With its cobblestone streets and old brick buildings, it made a nice place to take a break.
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